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Upper South Fork Skokomish
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Dean's report from Tuesday, August 16, 2011
8.5 miles hiked
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We hiked as far as the park boundry. We had a dog with us so we had to turn around at that point. The trail is in good condition with the exception that the foot bridge is still gone at the first river crossing. It has been out since 96 so I doubt there will be a replacement soon. Fording the river was not difficult but it took some time. It was higher on the outbound walk, likely due to snow melt. A good pair of water shoes that grip slippery rocks would be helpful here. We camped about 3 miles in and walked the trail and sat by the upper reaches of the river. There are also other hiking options from the trailhead. The lower Skokomish Trail, (11 miles) can be found here as well as shorter walks to Church Creek shelter and Harps shelter. Just a short distance down the road is Church Creek Trail that leads to Satsop Lake. We spent two days in the area but a walk to the park boundry and back could be done in one.
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