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Shi Shi Beach
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AJTrekker08's report from Saturday, August 08, 2009
4.5 miles hiked
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We made a weekend trip to the Olympics with our main focus being backpacking to Shi Shi Beach. After picking up our Makah Nation recreation pass from the general store, we arrived at the trail head. We unloaded all of the gear and then a couple people drove back to one of the private parking areas about 0.5 miles away, which costs $10/day. If you are camping on the beach, do not leave your car at the trail head overnight! The privy at the trail head is disgusting, opt for digging a hole along the way. It was lightly drizzling/rainy throughout our entire hike. The first part of the trail is over nicely constructed boardwalks. After about .75 miles the boardwalks end and the mud pit begins, and doesn't really end until you descend to the beach at 2 miles. The trail is through the trees with a few quick views of the ocean near the start of the NP boundary. As you descend to the beach you enter the Olympic national park. If backpacking, make sure to stop by one of the ranger stations (Port Angeles or Forks) to pick up permits and bear canisters. I believe the canisters are more to deter raccoons than any bears. We set up camp and got a fire going. It was a little miserable because of the wet and wet sand, but still a lot of fun. We had steam rising from our clothing as it dried by the fire, while we were still getting rained on. In the morning we explored the tide pools, definitely the best part of the hike. It is like the touch tidal exhibit at the Seattle aquarium, only so much better because you are at the ocean and there are so many creatures to marvel at! It was partly cloudy in the morning but at least the rain stopped, although the mud pits were even more fun than the evening before. There were a couple of rangers in the morning checking for permits and bear canisters so be prepared!
The first part of the hike is over boardwalks A glimpse of the ocean from the ridge before descending to the beach Sea stacks in the distance, it was a cloudy/rainy weekend Camp is setup on the beach Sea stacks in the morning fog There was a lot of sea life, including these star fish The tide pools were amazing pools of discovery in the morning The trail was very muddy
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